ethel’s words

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Polygyny in a modern industrialized, electronically-wired nation certainly is an anomaly. In the guise of religion, it is a complex of greeds--a variety of greeds, and egotism, and mini-ethnocentrism.

It is time to point out the greed of persons who deliberately over-populate the Planet.

Polygamists, the plural-marriage-practitioners of Utah origin, are afflicted with sex greed--an astounding appetite to impregnate “females” (as they see them) adult or child. No doubt it is part for progeny, and equally no doubt it is for male dominance and swagger.

The greed to cover the Earth with own-sperm is rampant among Mormons. It is on conspicuous display among polygamists, but we have also the revolting comic/tragic practice of (two publicized) doctors inseminating numerous fertility patients with own sperm while charging patients for sperm from a professional donor. (Those news stories brought to mind the legendary Freesian bull that was father to half the cattle in the United States for a period of twenty years.)

There is no consideration that space and water are finite, that decent human beings limit their consumption of resources in order to share with other humans and with the amazing variety of delightful lifeforms on Earth.

The greed for power reaches a pinnacle among polygamists of Mormon origin. The very idea that in the 21st Century there are literate persons who believe that someday they will be God of their very own planet, peopled with their sperm, is shocking. Surely the height of Power is the Power of a God--a construct so ludicrous in the 21st Century it is frightening to contemplate. It is joined to tax-free financial dominance, daunting media control across the United States, a taste for violence, a belief in a coming massive blood-letting, and determination to resist all non-Mormon influences. Like reason.

Ethel C. Hale