ethel’s words

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If a politician is not interesting enough, nor creative enough, to generate the volume of publicity needed to climb the political ladder he/she/it needs only to get their name associated with Mayor Rocky, and, eureka! laughable stories aplenty, dripping with potential.

It is well-established, isn’t it? that if a public official’s accomplishments are unassailable (except to religious hermits) then one must attack the personality or use any other kind of ad hominem attack.

Persons whose political education is all post-TV, won’t even question that TV image and TV salability, created with megabucks, decide who wins an election. Even the dissenters, the enlightened ones, and the insightful activists, seem to forget that our purpose should be to evaluate achievements and ethics.

They slash at the personality and perpetuate the corrupting practice.

Ethel C. Hale