ethel’s words

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There are times of hope, and times of utter despair. There are times of tears, and times of dry-eyed anger. There are hours of total confusion and flashes of wisdom. There are lingering times of suspicion and fear.

It is difficult to reach through walls and inside bars because there is always someone ready to destroy, debase, and punish. There is always someone who is hostile because of envy or because of believing some badmouth words, true or false.

There was a time of hope, when? The Seventies, still shiny from the Sixties. There was hope even behind bars at The Point of The Mountain, a dream that perhaps new eyes had come that would utilize the new hope.

That idea produced “The Break-Away Issue” of “The Pointer News”, brought to birth inside the prison walls because hope had slanted in through the bars. Almost all the issues were confiscated and destroyed. The principles of American Democracy are not taught in prisons.

That picture of shining hope, tucked away these many years, looked like this:

photographer unknown to SmashingIkons

essay by Ethel C. Hale