ethel’s words

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                 (A Song)

There was a time, long, long ago
When everything on Earth was free.
When only Nature ruled the world
There was no need for Liberty.
Then came the chiefs, the sheiks, the kings,
With people as their willing slaves;
With cunning words and lies then sent
A billion soldiers to their graves.

Power to the people
Power, and the Earth
Power, and justice, and choices for all.

Now is the time the People rise;
Now is the time we must be free.
We’ll claim the Earth and take the power,
And free the world from tyranny.
The common folk must claim the Earth
For we have seen how warlords kill.
The brutal kings of money power
Must yield, at last, to People’s will.


So down with bombs, away with war,
Let all the nations hear our cry.
We’ll have self-government for all
So young men won’t be sent to die.
We want a world where children sing
And live with dignity and pride.
No fear of hunger or of pain,
With gentle parents by their side.


We’ll make the river-waters pure;
We’ll sweep the streets and clean the skies;
We’ll make the Planet safe for all
To harvest wheat and corn and rice.
We’ll save the whale and dolphin, too,
And baby seal and polar bear;
Coyote, wolf and red-tailed hawk
Will share a world where humans care.


We must create a better way
With kindness built into the rules.
If we can’t be both wise and fair
Then we shall die as stubborn fools.
We must begin, this very day;
We must be unified and brave.
We have to share a peaceful world
Or we will share a common grave.


© Copyright, 2002

Ethel C. Hale