ethel’s words

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Wow. They sure keep Pioneer Park polished.

Well, the Police are the Power in the City. They decide what they will do. It’s that way everywhere in the USA--and maybe the world.

Still, let me say, the police also protect us, also try to establish respect for Law, and we expect way too much of them. And we don’t pay them enough for the qualifications we demand. (We should require more education; free them from the bonds of their ethnocentrism. Yeah, racism.)

I wish the officers themselves would evaluate the constant Pioneer Park hype. It makes them look foolish.

“The latest narcotics sweep lasted...three hours.” Wow! Three hours to sweep a wide open, shrubless, vineless, almost buildingless, barely conifered ten acres of grass.

But for a real wow: Police “arrested 658 persons in November”; that’s more than 20 per day average. I’d say the bulls must have been to Pioneer Park again--not the railroad bulls of Hobo lore, but the kind that fertilize.

Ethel C. Hale