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Overhaul the U.S. Health Care System?

Are Americans dissatisfied with the quality of their health care? No. The health care system is fine.

What needs to be overhauled is paying for health care.

What we do not need is continuing to finance the lifestyles of the insurance company bureaucrats who decide whether to pay for your medical need. That does not provide health care; we don’t need it; we ought to stop paying for it. Or if we want to keep it, let’s call it what it is: a “jobs program” for middle-class, middle-level paper-handlers (these days they press computer keys), in steel-glass-and-marble office towers.

Do doctors and hospitals like this system of many payors with differing forms? Or do all the insurers use the same form? If they do, how did they get together to design it? And, then, why does Aetna pay for a procedure that Cigna declines? Humana pays but Blue Cross doesn’t? Liberty Mutual pays but United Healthcare doesn’t?

We don’t have a system for paying for health care; we have a hodge-podge designed by no one, that benefits only its staffers, not the “beneficiaries” of the “insurance”.

Eliminate the waste inherent in the redundancy of many administrators. A single payor needs only one standard and one decision-maker.

W. Paul Wharton