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OPEN LETTER TO MAYOR ROCKY (a/k/a Rocky Anderson) June, 2007

Re: The memorable years--thank you


I have enjoyed the enormous privilege and pleasure of living in Salt Lake City--the City I love--during your governance. I thank you for your civil libertarian stance, for your insights into human cultures, and for your steadfastness in the face of ruthless and uninformed, prejudiced opposition.

I have disagreed with your positions and actions about as often as I have agreed. It is your honesty, your forthrightness, and your courage that have claimed my admiration. It is good that I disagree, for that proves my devotion to independent thinking.

It has been a remarkable experience to share with you, in the public forum, a deep concern about the suffering of human beings and to share your outrage at the abuse of power in the national scene, the disregard for the sanctity of our Constitution, and the assaults on the Bill of Rights and processes of self-governance.

What a joy it has been to once again have someone, visible in elective office, who is a thoroughly decent person, reminding us of the courage of Senators Morse, Fulbright, and Gruening, and Utah’s own Marriner Eccles, during the dark years of slaughter in Viet Nam. On our list of esteemed names we find also Eugene McCarthy, George McGovern, and Utah’s Jean Westwood, all stigmatized by hostile media.

Saving the high ideals of Equal Justice Under Law, promoting other goals of equality, may have to drop to a second place, as you recognize the needs of a wider world, and the perils of the Planet. I wish you every fulfillment in your new trailblazing.

For many years I have been signing letters thus,

Save The Planet,

Ethel C. Hale