words by ethel and paul

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Every neighborhood of Salt Lake City was given a grant with which to plan and install an Olympics Memorial. Central City Neighborhood has not finished this task. A survey was done by Council Member Nancy Saxton before she left office. It has never been completed.

Council Member Saxton’s survey asked for ideas for Central City’s memorial. The contributions were never reported on. We know only our own: A suggestion that a bench be named for Fred “Feets” Tedesco, Football Hero and Salt Lake City Commissioner. Commissioner Tedesco was founder of the Boys’ and Girls’ Clubs that were a huge success in the City although they succumbed to neglect before long, as new governments rolled in and out.

We think there is no other name as appropriate as Tedesco’s and we hope the Board and Administrators of Central City Neighborhood Council will follow through on this obligation.

Ethel C. Hale and W. Paul Wharton