ethel’s words

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Salt Lake City has been known as an Oasis of Intelligence in a Desert of Ignorance. There were two populations, separate and massively unequal. Then some folks tried to create friendship despite the scorn from a white hole of celestial snobbery.

Why not admit there is no free-flowing liberty in fascist Utah, and try to establish little reservations (concentration camps) with window-less walls?

In those reserves, folks could have a glass of what is legal, but smoking would have to be sub-rosa, with a magic smoke eliminator. Even intelligent persons smell tobacco smoke who cannot smell auto exhaust.

Why should there be limits on pubs? Health? People who want socializing combined with getting healthy usually go to gyms, not pubs. If they are too dumb to understand that, they don’t belong in a pub, where judgment is a requisite.

The several governments do not give a good damn about your health. We have been clamoring for attention to water, air, and health protections for--well, all MY adult life.

That’s a long time.

Ethel C. Hale


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