ethel’s words

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I was born in 1922. Yeah, I’m 86. The Social Security administration identifies me, as dictated by Congress, as a “notch baby”. A “notch” of a few years in mathematical roulette resulted in thousands of persons, due to the accident of birth-date, getting smaller Social Security payments than if they had been born earlier or later. Appeals for correction or compensation have failed to get sympathetic interest.

So, what can a notch baby do to fight back except to bitch?

I have had strong disagreements with my several governments; naturally, they don’t care about my polemics. I have had my Civil Rights and Liberties protected as well as denied. I have been victimized by cranks under color of Law.

To attempt to get even, I will try to live an even longer time than I have already stolen from the statisticians. I supported (with real dough) an organization that purportedly was trying to get compensation for notch babies. (But if they succeed, they will have to find a new career, right?)

I know I could not get away with cheating on taxes, because the IRS has said they go after the really little guys, because the smaller they are, the easier they are to nab. (They have no cunning lawyer.)

I will continue to support in any way I can, Civil Liberties.

I will continue to denounce the CIA and the FBI and their unlawful activities. And I should begin to call Congresspersons cowards--afraid to tackle the FBI or CIA.

I will try to find a way to urge the public to denounce U.S. interference in other nations’ governance. and the foolish, bloody, costly dishonorable, mean, and hateful conquest pogrom to rule all countries on the Earth--and any that might be found beyond.

Most egregious of all to me is that the various governments, the many administrations, unremittingly harass, villify, persecute, deport, imprison, persons who have contributed to our prosperity, but who are no longer needed.

Hey, wait a minute: I wanted to avenge, not give moral guidance.

Think again.

Ethel C. Hale