ethel’s words

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Clean, swift, accurate thought could destroy human civilization as we know it, so I do not recommend thinking--much. But it’s fun to consider the wild hysteria over the good herb, tobacco, long used as medicine on the North American continent.

Acceptance of a scientific conclusion requires that the study can be replicated. Well, there are exceptions? Further, I am still waiting, through, lo, these many years, for referral to a study of smokers, rather than of cancer victims, to see if smoking tobacco causes cancer, and, if so, what kinds, and whether it causes the multitude of other ills it is accused of generating.

To conclude that a cancer victim who has smoked has cancer for that reason only makes the cancer scientists look like fools.

Well, we know what group gets colon cancer, here in Utah, where it is rampant, and we know there is more than one kind of smoke.

Smoking is resented by stiff-necked, resentful, pleasure-less, hateful, selfish, envious, idleness-stricken, fear-mongering sloths who fail to seek accuracy, because that is not their god nor their goal.

One other thing: Tobacco smoke smells good; perfume stinks.

Ethel C. Hale