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Halfway through a tour of the revitalized Central City Recreation Center it is clear: this is not for neighborhood folks. It must be intended to serve the apartment dwellers (mostly “dwellers-to-be”) in the new population stackers that threaten the infrastructure of this old neighborhood of individual houses.

(Our limited knowledge includes recollection of torn-up streets and ripped-out buildings to make way for the sewage and detritus of the gentry-on-the-hill and--a partway fiber optics (or is it co-axial cable?) we witnessed being installed in the middle of Eighth South Street). Something is barely under the asphalt of the state highway that we call Eighth South. (We see no highway signs on this street where we have lived for 40 years, but when it is in trouble The City says it is a State road.)

The most recent (before this) conspicuous neighborhood alteration was the addition of senior housing: Phillips Plaza, St. Marks Tower, Romney Plaza, Lowell Apartments, Calvary Tower, and just-over-the-line, the gracious Hamilton at Eighth East. Our neighborhood was dressed up by the pleasant, quality Kier Apartments on Eighth South.

So this may look like gentrification, but this kind of stack-’em-up housing is the future mode for humans--who are crowding out everything else. And even if all the birds and small animal life are gone, you still need a tree per person urban forest. So now that City life is fashionable again, we urge you to bring your own tree-per-person oxygen generator.

Ethel C. Hale