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Americans are being lied to about the mass slaughter of Jews in Germany and Europe. It did not happen “during World War II”. The Holocaust had no connection with World War II, although they ended simultaneously and both were instigated by the Nazis.

The Holocaust was started before World War II. It continued throughout the War. Germany had no internal “enemy”; the Nazis persecuted and murdered German citizens who were Jews. The Holocaust expanded as Germans storm trooped across Europe. The Nazis were determined to rid Germany, and then all of Europe, of “non-Aryans” and especially, as they said, of Jews. It was, simply, the torture and mass slaughter of children, women, and men, a pogrom that gave us a new word: “genocide”. Six million Jews, plus Communists, homosexuals, Gypsies, the physically handicapped, and the mentally ill.

Hitler was appointed Chancellor in January, 1933. Later that year, Hitler’s Gestapo established dozens of concentration/death camps. The Nazis decreed the Nuremberg Laws in September, 1935, denying the citizenship of German Jews, and requiring Jews to register as Jews; every Jew had to wear a yellow star to be identified as a Jew; Jews could not marry non-Jews; could not own land. The persecutions had started.

Without civil liberties men were “detained” in “protective custody” (Schutzhaft) in those concentration camps. Then, November 9, 1938, Kristallnacht erupted, when Jewish homes, synagogues, and businesses throughout Germany were wrecked (windows were smashed - thus, the “Night of [Broken] Glass”): a night of terror, arson, rioting, looting, destruction, and mayhem, intentionally unrestrained by the police. 20,000 Jews were arrested, “for their abominable crimes”, said Field Marshall Hermann Goering.

Nazi Germany invaded Poland on September 1, 1939, starting the Second World War.

W. Paul Wharton