ethel’s words

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“Was the destruction of Hiroshima necessary?” More than half a century later, that stupid question?

If the question were, “Was the destruction of Hiroshima AND ADD Nagasaki necessary to scare the wits out of ‘the Russians’”--maybe, yes. Maybe “the Russians” were not yet devastated enough? Not yet enough fatherless children after the German onslaught? Not enough homelessness?

And what of the tiny parenthetical: “Oh, by the way, Japan had requested to negotiate for peace BEFORE the Bomb was dropped.”

Only Yankee Americans want peace? Peace so we can rule with force and violence all the rich plantations in all the Western Hemisphere. (And wherever poisonous oil is churning in the Earth.) Peace so we can build bigger and more fearsome bombs and bigger, scarier aircraft. (Defense.) Peace while we continue to corrupt the whole Earth--the minds of our people, the once-sparkling waters, the forests, while the cities where human children play are crumbling.

Peace while we war on the Planet to fill the pockets of the rich and the super-rich. (A madness is in the hearts and minds of humans, as if a stomach churns out a never-ending message of voracious hunger.)

Oh, yeah, only Yankee-Americans are threatened; we are the kind and gentle and generous neighbors. What fecal idiocy.

Well, right now, there seems to be some light beyond the horizon. But watch out. Death and devastation can come on wings of light.

Ethel C. Hale