ethel’s words

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Senator Hatch’s aides “urge a flurry of communications” to the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) to thwart implementation of the Gosiute Nation’s legal project to store nuclear waste. Hatch is a de facto spokesperson for The Church, and thus has pushed the button that electrifies the hordes to create (again) a storm of e-mails.

It used to be the telephone monster; now it is an even more awesome display of mindless, callous obedience--the Gentile-whipping, Mormon e-mail assault, creating a dilemma for any decent public official: bend to Mormon will or obey the law.

The problem of the fully-foreseen consequences of nuclear power--the offal--has no comfortable solution, but it is human-made. Long ago, protestors, as usual, were ignored. Now the problem is in your face.

The hypocrisy of this sudden aversion to nuclear danger (Dugway’s diseases are okay) is clear. It is a display of the same old Mormon racism.

We see a super-rich, super-powerful, special-privileged organization mobilized to bully a tiny sovereign nation, to perpetuate impoverishment of a people whose land it stole. This would be viewed as unspeakable in a human society guided by ethical standards. It is ugly.

Ethel C. Hale