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Moratoriums: Of Oil Spills and Airplanes That Fall Apart

When a section of fuselage flew off an airplane (the pilot was able to land safely; no one died), not only was that plane grounded, but every plane of that model was taken out of service for special examination (a “safety inspection”). When a well blew apart in the Gulf of Mexico (eleven men were killed and oil spewed for months), the U.S. government halted all drilling in the Gulf (a “moratorium”).

No one complained about the airlines’ “lost business”, but oil companies bitterly protested the moratorium after the Gulf disaster.

How differently were they treated!

It’s “only” animal habitat that were affected by that spilled oil, but it’s humans who might be killed in dangerous airplanes. Dolphins, shrimp, oysters, pelicans, and sea gulls don’t vote and they don’t buy stuff–especially they don’t buy petroleum products.

Will we forever sell our birthright for a mess of pottage?

W. Paul Wharton