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NOTE: A previous version of this essay was slightly altered for updating.

Money and Mormonism - Why Mormons Love War

Mormon theology recounts wars recorded by Joseph Smith through his mystical revelations. The constructs of significant wars play vital roles in Mormon thinking, defining good and evil.

But it would be a mistake to attribute to this religiosity about wars the Mormon support of every massacre that parades into our culture as “war”. There is more.

The state of Utah is a veritable arsenal. Browning Arms, visited by General Singlaub of Iran/Contra fame (and other nefarious activities), is nearly as old as the state. There is nerve gas and disease production at Dugway; various installations that support Tooele; and the enormous city-in-itself Hill Field, on whose existence the state is helplessly dependent.

(In March, 2007, Dugway requested bigger Labs for bigger diseases.)

Other towns have been, and possibly may still be, dependent on war for their economic health. (Some of these, I suspect, converted to the space production, another bounty to Utah.)

It is not necessary to have more detail to present this point: The war-loving Mormons have multiple reasons for their firm support of, and their more-than-significant involvement in, George Bush’s butchering in Iraq.

Ethel C. Hale