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When George McGovern ran for President of the US of A, he was supported by only two newspapers, one of which was the OLD Washington Post, the other, Boston-based, I have forgotten. He won in the areas reached by those two papers. (He was viciously assaulted by the rest.)

I suspect the ailing printed press is still influential. The printed word is easier for me to evaluate than the disappearing sounds and sights of electronic media.

The printed mainline media have bad-mouthed the Clintons from their first national appearance. It is not just their intellectual superiority that bugs the Power Kings (I hope I don’t need to identify the murderous power wielders) it is their propensity towards enlightenment. Oh yes, Bill Clinton hurt me to the heart when he reneged on two brilliant Black women, succumbing to blistering attacks manipulated by the media. A lawyer and a doctor, both exemplars of their respective professions--but alas, too candid and too honest intellectually. (Lani Guinier, Esq.; Jocelyn Elders, M.D.)

The media--which most people trust (to our devastating detriment)--are doing to the most-promising-ever woman candidate for President of the US of A, Hillary, what they did to the two remarkable Black women.

I believe that racism in the US of A is still too rampant, still too virulent, to allow a --what? African-American?--to be president, regardless of brilliance. Sexism is about equal--and Hillary is no Nancy Pelosi. But Hillary has a background possibly never equalled by any presidential candidate in history.

I suspect Republicans think a Republican candidate could win over an Obama, not over Hillary. Those who own the main-power media are trying to destroy Hillary; they are praising Obama. Those who own the media are the overall Power Barons--and they are Republicans.

You haven’t read any of this in your daily papers.

Ethel C. Hale