ethel’s words

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I have not heard each of the candidates for Mayor of Salt Lake City but I have heard many. I offer the following “beliefs” for candidates to consider.

The Mayor of Salt Lake City is Mayor of Salt Lake City and is not to be considered governor of Utah.

The City is subject to the will of the Legislature but the mayor is obligated to try to protect the City from vindictive and/or harmful legislation.

The Mayor of Salt Lake City should protect from/prepare for dangers to the City on the outside: earthquakes, floods, invasive pollution, and the rare tornadoes and cyclones.

The Mayor should heed the wishes, so far as earthly possible, of the true constituents--those whose votes brought victory.

The Mayor should heed the needs of Salt Lake City businesses, but should not turn the City into a servant of private, profit-making business or any other private entities.

The Mayor must watch over the health of the City residents--be aware of dangers of diseases, water quality, and availability of health and medical care, and responsiveness of the Salt Lake County Board of Health that is supposed to serve everyone in every municipality in S.L. County.

The Mayor must be sure the overseers are taking care of, not only the airport, but also mundane maintenance: street care, garbage and trash pick-up, parks and public properties, street and other signage in the City, with many etceteras.

The Mayor is host to State guests visiting Salt Lake City, but is not host to State visitors to the State of Utah. The Mayor may be invited to “host” visiting conventions, but has no obligation otherwise.

The Mayor does not have duty nor power regarding curricula and administration of public schools.

The Mayor is Executive, not legislative.

The Mayor retains all rights of citizenship during his private, off-duty hours. The First Amendment is not withdrawn when a candidate wins.

Ethel C. Hale