ethel’s words

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Mayor Rocky Anderson of Salt Lake City, Utah, understands, accepts, and practices the essentials of self-governance. He recognizes, also, that an elected official should be, still, a citizen and not a figurehead. In a democratically administered nation, the key words might be “liberty” and “responsibility”.

A self-governing people must have the political liberty to make choices and to advocate policies. Government by the people means that all persons able to vote are responsible for studying and for promoting actions and legislation to keep the necessary order, protect individual freedoms, and monitor resources and economics.

In a dictatorship, the subjects of the nation do not need to think nor make decisions nor participate in governance. They need only to obey the rules, respect the offices and the persons in the offices (regardless of their character and actions) and move like automatons to their jobs and ballgames.

If we show respect to a scoundrel or a crook, what reward do we have for an honest, forthright, kind and ethical official?

Ethel C. Hale