ethel’s words

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Evo Morales
lives on the mountain top
one of the high places
in the ever-challenging mountains
of the Pacific Cordillera;
one of the places
where astonishing human life
         and endures      in thin air
what they lack in oxygen
they gain in stars

they labor there
near bones of their ancestors
and rear their children
for a high mountain future

they speak their own languages
and another--
another language
to say hello to the greater world
they have seen the shadow of that world
and fear it
know it is not friend, but foe
the ugly Power
of the outer world
glowers at them
sends spies to find ways
to oppress them anew

the Yankees want Evo Morales
out of his high place
in his high mountain country
The Yankees cannot tolerate
the idea--the very idea--that
a Native, whose blood
is made of the soil
where he lives
could become a duly elected
Head Of State.
they want to snatch liberty
from Bolivia
this is what The Yankees do
in these years of greed
for profit and power

They ought to be stopped.

Ethel C. Hale