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New racism is spinning the clock backwards, returning us to hate-generated injustice and cruelty based on ethnicity. This new racism is not only in the intellect of those who govern, it is racism in the persons who allow--without some form of protest--Yankee-American government to deport persons on the basis of their ethnicity, while pretending it is concerned with citizenship and white tape legalities.

Persons of Chicano/Mexican culture are still being mass-arrested and detained. It is as easy as the Palmer Raids of the Twenties and as easy as similar, lesser-known raids in the 50s when persons who “looked Mexican” (of course there is no such physiognomy) were mass deported on unexamined, un-tried, grounds of non-citizenship. (I propose that “grounds” not established in hearings or in court are invalid.)

We must ask why persons who have lived in Yankee America for years, without causing any problems, are suddenly seen as a menace. What has changed? (Ah, somebody sees the follies of our economic system that no longer can be rescued by the waste of war as technologies demand fewer “employees”.)

But it makes little difference what the real motivation is. There is no real hearing, no real trial. We should not waste justice asking why. It is wrong, unlawful, unconstitutional, cruel and destructive of respect for Government and for Law. It is enabled by racism--and we thought we had slain that ogre.

Ethel C. Hale