ethel’s words

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Two thousand eight, the year now of our exalted science, and we see humankind lost on the information highway.

Is it because there are too many diversions along the way? Because directions contradict? Is it sloth due to the jaded euphoria of the millionaires and billionaires who seem to be in control? (Oh, a little jab now and then.) Is it the crippling obesity of the general population, on whom all things depend?

All this knowledge, all this science, all this wealth of material stuff, all the speed and “efficiency” of electronic gadgets--and the dominating use of human energy is to cause misery and pain.

In Yankee America, a major occupation is people-herding-people. Next is (well, maybe, but who cares enough to study it?) production of poisons, war weapons, killer and stunner weapons, and next, pharmaceuticals to treat rampant sickness (confirmed by TV), and, finally, street-type drugs to counteract the above.


Ethel C. Hale