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Lies Levitated: Ciggies In The Park

A recent assault on choice, liberty, and tobacco consists of ads telling what cannot be observed--that our parks may be smokey from tobacco. (Salt Lake Tribune, p. A-11, 8/18/06; ibid. p. B-5, 8/27/06):

It takes “years for cigarette butts to decompose”. Really! What kinds of butts? And “if ingested by children or animals, cigarette butts can cause ‘irregular heartbeats and seizures’.” There is a lot of hunger in Utah, but butts?

The other ad declares, “Second-hand smoke in outdoor public places can reach levels as high as those found in indoor facilities where smoking is permitted”.


Smokers have long observed that mental tasks are facilitated by tobacco substances. Problems in organizing data and analyses are made easier with cigarette in hand. Minor studies (studies related to tobacco are not sourced, you should have noticed for years) have confirmed smokers’ observations: Something in tobacco smoke facilitates thinking.

The anti-cigarette ads cited, obviously aimed at adults, are composed by non-smokers who have never experienced a “smoke-filled room” nor a concert in a park in the olden golden days of non-uptightness.

Well, here in Utah, people are too busy cooking “meth” to read silly anti-smoking ads.

Ethel C. Hale