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Jesse García’s Birthday

Happy would-have-been 71st Birthday, Jesse García.

You will be remembered for a while yet, with admiration for your genius - how to survive in solitary confinement and not only stay sane but also un-bitter.

You did good deeds in your prison world, protecting the young men - boys, in fact - who became victims of a cruel and stupid society.

Happy Birthday, Jesse.

I remember you with admiration. I could try to refute the thousand lies that were told about you. Your crime - your 15-year-old-boy crime - was bad enough. Your sister forgave you because she understood. Her pain was enormous as her whole life was pain endured with gentleness.

Goodbye again, Jesse.


Ethel C. Hale

I did not mean to become a friend of Jesse Garcia; my quest was for a more intelligent justice system, a more sensible society.

Yet, after the struggle to save Jesse and get rid of the thoughtless justice system, I seem to be stuck with a duty owed to those who gave up the ghost too soon, too soon.

Ethel C.