ethel’s words

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During Jenny Wilson’s (failed) campaign to become mayor of Salt Lake City, we read and heard many references to “her popular father”, erstwhile Mayor Ted Wilson. Yes, it has always been said, “Everybody likes Ted”. Close associates and distant admirers had warm affection for Ted. Everything pointed Ted towards Governor of Utah--except for the Mormon Church.

The Mormons scorned Ted. They beat him over the head with their Telephone Tree. “Do this...”

Ted’s greatest blunder: As someone close to, and devoted to, art, he placed in the Salt Lake City International Airport, a painting of a man and woman flying--flying unsupported through the air.

Oops--gasp--they were nude!

Flying or not--they had no wings.

Nude bodies on display in puritanically vulgar Utah? No-no. No-no. No. In Utah, human bodies are to be used; they are not to be seen.

It was such a scandal you could almost say the outcry brought down the avian companions, and as they plummeted to Earth, they brought Ted down with them.

Yes, later, there seemed to be some reconciliation at The Deseret News, but again the gulf widened and Ted was pushed over the edge. The public outsiders never can be sure what goes on in the secret machinations; we can only try to be accurate.

Well, we Gentiles usually rejoice in accepting the Mormon rejects. We hold them in great esteem.

Ethel C. Hale