ethel’s words

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I do not know whether smoking cigarettes or tobacco in any form causes any kind of cancer. I do not know whether smoking tobacco hastens emphysema. I would certainly expect that smoking would exacerbate it.

I suspect tobacco does not cause cancer; if it did there would be much, much more cancer among smokers--more than the fifteen percent that is the only figure I have seen. I would guess that smoking organic, pesticide-free, added-chemical-free tobacco would be far less likely to cause disease of any kind. I have not seen any report of any study that persuades me that smoking causes cancer or even heart or vascular disease. I guess I have never seen a “study”; only reports of studies, and I recall only one that gave a source and that was Loyola University. But no source of funding was named in the article I read.

So why am I a doubter when all the rule-makers believe the reports? I am not sure why.

Inasmuch as the first few reports on smoking and cancer, decades ago, concluded without a “maybe” that smoking causes cancer, why were dozens of studies that followed deemed necessary?

Lately, the thrust has been against “second-hand smoke”. I have seen at least one article--maybe more--that named patients who had “contracted” cancer due to second-hand smoke. That’s easy to say. I strongly believe that I have never seen a similar article showing cancer patients who were smokers. Of course, I have seen cases of celebrities who smoked (who didn’t?) and died of lung cancer.

Cancer in any form is a deadly serious subject, and the only malady I can think of that is equally bad is a hysteria that leads to misinformation that is followed by neglect of other possible causes, such as deadly serious conditions in our environment and entire mode of living.

Ethel C. Hale