ethel’s words

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Your diet, what you eat or prepare for others to eat, affects your water and your air, not to mention your health and the Planet.

Animal husbandry (a misnomer hiding cruel, profit-driven, tech-age meat-factories) needs an investigative journalist. The torture of animals to provide food would make decent humans weep--if they had a clear picture of the reality.

Set aside the torture of the restrained calf--the “veal factory”--and the misery of hens and other animals that never see, feel, breathe, or experience sunshine: question whether the resulting foods are healthful. I have enormous respect for folk knowledge and folk medicine, and were I a consumer of dead animal, still, I would not eat terrified, tortured animals. (I am atheist, but “kosher” makes sense to me.)

Huge animal factories spew massive pollution. The pig farm, the not-so-long-ago release of chicken manure into our river--abominations we all endure to please the appetite of the meat eaters.

Repeated reports tell of beef recalls for health-danger reasons. But beef-eaters, trapped by habit and lack of imagination (not to mention the Power of The Beef Board to control news), continue to endanger their own health in order to enjoy their greasy, sometimes degraded, sometimes contaminated, beef.

The Planet would benefit if consumers would eliminate mammals from their diet. Turkeys are a good “better”. Even chicken is an improvement over mammals. Sea foods and fish have great value despite risks. Turkeys, I believe, still are not fed hormones and antibiotics. It has not been long since I saw white turkeys of commerce running in the sunshine.

To make this small change in your diet would not be difficult; you and your Planet would be healthier.

If not ruminants--if not mammals--then what? Why not soy burgers? Soy comes in many flavors, textures, and forms. Okara--if only we could get that fabulous stuff--would be a smash hit in a decent bun.

Ethel C. Hale