ethel’s words

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A voice on the radio said, “We are looking for ways to stimulate the economy.”

Is there something paradoxical about “an economy” needing stimulation, when hundreds of thousands of persons are in need of a secure (well, sorta) roof over their head, and hundreds of thousands worry about, not the fullness of nutrition in their food, but where the next morsels are coming from?

Am I supposed to (what, me?) worry about the auto factories going silent? From the perspective of my perch in Salt Lake City, I think, “Great. Wouldn’t it be nice if these acres of unsold new and abused and abandoned vehicles became acres of trees, shrubs, and a tiny patch of grass for toddlers?” Salt Lake City has solid blocks of cars on what--in most towns--would be prime commercial land. Low tax?

Celebrate, I say. We need more bikes, with safety features built in. (Why do reflectors have to be added to bikes?) What we need is a modified Messerschmidt.

But just whisper the words “planned economy” and bonfires are set aflame all over the sick countryside.

Ethel C. Hale