ethel’s words

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Have hope. There will be another inspired generation like the kids of The Sixties; like the Women Strike For Peace who preceded them; like the Black Panthers who were sparked and then flamed with creative power; the Brown Berets who found their hearts; and at last, the Native Americans, the Earth People, who had to learn to understand the devious ways of Whiteman; who had to learn about “private property”, greed, and not sharing. They had so many things to learn about Whiteman injustice: they were easy to trample on, easy to beat down; their monumental courage was no match for Whiteman guns, Whiteman FBI.

But seek solace in history. The unflappable determination of the Wobblies--The Industrial Workers of The World--who filled the jails by shouting freedom of speech; the era of great unions, where/when brotherhood was palpable and wholly visible.

The organizing of the Thirties did not have the inspiration of the Wobblies, or the bold dreams of The Wobblies, but they put their lives on the line for the benefit of people, not donning uniforms to bleed, to die, for corporate power.

There will be another generation. Do you hear any sounds beyond the horizon? Right now?

Ethel C. Hale