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Hating Government

Can’t stand the idea of government doing anything? Think there’s too much government meddling in everything? Think Ronald Reagan was right to ridicule government (“I’m from the government and I’m here to help.” Hah Hah!)?

Which government services do you want to eliminate? Would you eliminate fire departments? garbage collections? sewers? Do away with the Centers for Disease Control? Close the Land Grant Colleges and their Agriculture Extension Services (who brought and bring science to agriculture) and Four-H programs? (The Land Grant College act was signed by President Abraham Lincoln on July 2, 1862. Four-H and the Extension Services were added in 1902.)

Right now there is a debate about how to pay for health care: shall government offer a “public option” to compete with subsidized private insurance? Do you disparage the public option as “too much government”?

The public option is only the latest among programs and ideas you don’t like, that you don’t want started, that you criticize.

Don’t join the criticism chorus just yet: you may wish you had universal health care coverage when your private insurer denies coverage because you were taken to emergency at the only hospital within six counties (and less than a mile from the site of the accident) and the only “in plan” hospital (in your employer’s health plan) was an hour and a half away. Or maybe you’ll wait until the cardiologist your family doctor recommended won’t even see you because he’s not covered by your plan.

Good luck with all that.

W. Paul Wharton