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Even Molly Ivins has commented that there has seemed little visible protest against our incursion into Iraq. It is hard to make such a judgment when we have no control over the print media (as we should not) nor over the electronic media (as we should) who greedily use our airwaves to make billions, pay us nothing, and scoff at laws and regulations requiring them to inform us. So how can we tell?

Our protest against the violence wreaked on VietNam eventually included a physical-presence challenge to local media, electronic and printed, charging them with biased reporting. Results included, first, arrest of protestors, followed by installation of bars, ID photos for employees, security guards, and possibly a tiny--tiny--change in their presentation of news. Treatment of Iraq may be different, but has certainly been heavy on how great it is to die in war.

There was visual and vocal opposition before the Iraq slaughter started. There seemed to be LESS after we invaded. I have been hoping, I guess, for a Senator Morse, a Senator Fulbright, a Senator Gruening, a Marriner Eccles, a Robert Kennedy. And media that would tell us what they say. Yes, dream on: a Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

Of course, I do not forget Cindy Sheehan, but despite her memorable courage, she is not a Dr. King. And her protest seems somewhat personal, rather than universal, but how can we tell?
Neither do I forget the amazing mayor of Salt Lake City, Utah, whose voice against our actions in Iraq, and whose admonitions about global warming, are heard far beyond Utah, even beyond the United States.

At last we are hearing voices of military experience--protests from young men who are willing to risk losing their personal freedom forever to save the lives of other young persons in the bondage of military servitude.

And now, in the cold threat of freezing weather, there is a call to action that should excite every heart and raise hope like a banner in a warm January Chinook. On January 27 there will be a great surge of people toward Washington DC, carrying the message “STOP” to the sponsors of the vile and stupid massacre in Iraq.

Hope and determination will illuminate their path.

Ethel C. Hale