ethel’s words

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In the centuries of the City-States, the concept of “City-zen” and “Subject” was clear. The City-zen was protected by some kind of fortification, and could “vote” or have some similar form of Power. The Subjects labored outside of the protected City and were kept disciplined by the somewhat privileged (“bribed”) military of the Divine Emperor or King. They knew what was going on, but born to it, they accepted it (“sorta”).

In twenty-first Century United States of America (Yankee America) a proposed variation of that stratified system is obscured by the term, “Guest Worker”. A cynical agent of compromise invents a new “Subject”.

The Guest Worker concept creates a Subject in the sense that he/she must labor, pay all taxes including Social Security they will never get, obey laws imposed from Power above and devoid of any protection for “self”--the Subject--but has no right to vote.

For the term of their “visit” they would eat, sleep, and work in Yankee-land, but there would be no pretense of freedom--to travel back and forth over barbed wire to visit a wife or sick child. No doubt their phone calls would be more closely monitored than those of “Yankee subjects”--the people who used to be Citizens in the days when Presidents were elected, not appointed by the judicial branch, nor winning by (eventually-revealed) cheating.

(Yankee Americans, living south of the border, benefitting from Mexican poverty, may yet get tangled up in that barbed wire: like walls and locks, it holds “out” as well as “in”.)

Whether barbs will be installed at the Canadian border, so much used by Mormons, is a worthy question. And the ports?

If the huge bureaucracies topple from poor design, the Yankees may end up having to do their own scrubbing.

Ethel C. Hale