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Marriage has several concerns.

Genetic relatives are not allowed to marry, with considerable differences in different states (not to mention different cultures). (That is a manifestation of the knowledge of and respect for, the science.)

At one time, until late in my lifetime, an Oregonian could not legally marry a Canuck. Wow.

A quadroon’s rights varied from state to state to reservation. (Reservation is analogous to kraal or concentration camp, and has internal specifications on ethnicity. The point being that a person may be Black in the general population, but Native American on the “res”. Do you think all this has melted away?)

Prohibitions of marriage mixes applies to all ages; the question of child-bearing may be considered but may have no determinative influence.

Marriage taboos are not (in USA currently, 2009) based on much beyond kinship, legal age, and sex--that is, gender, and I guess that is sex as gonads and as sexual practices. (Sexual practices are a separate question beyond the scope of this commentary, not to mention my interest. Well, I am always interested in “rights”.)

But I think the State’s interest (everywhere USA) is more in regulating your genitalia than your genes.

Ethel C. Hale