words by ethel & paul

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Recognition of the threat of Global Warming disaster has come tardily; still lingering in the darkness created by a profligate profit system, is a neglected remedy for that catastrophic thrust.

The sun.

Have we forgotten that the sun can be our friend in all ways? Certainly, the failure to use solar energy is idiocy, contributing to Global Warming. Forty years ago our attempt to interest the Utah State Legislature in Solar Energy resulted in a memorable lesson: non-professional lobbyists are scorned.

If there were alternate uses of human intelligence--indeed, human genius--we could utilize solar energy in countless ways, even without banishing our idol, the Deity with the internal combustion engine that nourishes the American ego.

Is it difficult to mandate some use of passive solar in all new construction? Why do we not see, at least, promotion of the miraculous insulation, Aerogel? (Or are we simply lost by the wayside of the information highway?)

We need some protections of “sun access” to counteract our lemming drive to monstrosity. We need education: most electricity--e.g., Trax--pollutes, even though it disadvantages other humans in other places (who do not even get a ride). And trees do more than save summer electricity: they eat carbon dioxide.

And finally, how urgent is it that we feed the landfill?

Ethel C. Hale and W Paul Wharton