ethel’s words

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Little by little, we are building a reputation for some kind of smug, joyless, police-state mentality. We hate children and we hate youth. It shows. It shows at the legislature, and it shows all over town. It is the “no” world of Salt Lake City. No friendliness--especially not to own kids. (Send them off to a Mormon brain-stunter.)

No skateboarding.


No roller-blading

No dogs

No loitering

No children at the ice cram party without parents

No smoking

No smoking

No smoking

No soliciting

No food or drink

No picnic tables in Central City

No smoking

No smoking

No trespassing

No alcoholic beverages

No shoes no entrance

No shirt, no service

No loud music after 9:00 p

................ WHAT’S OK?

Fireworks once or twice a week at ten thirty p.m. 10:30 PM 10:30 PM 10:30 PM ten thirty pee emm ten thirty PM

Ethel C. Hale