ethel’s words

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The vulgar Language called “English” or “Anglo-Saxon”:


I guess I should be ashamed of my great great grandparents but I’d have to be careful--trying to be accurate. Still, at least I know that today’s English-speakers came from a short line of--what? Anglo-Saxons?

Well, I am being careful because I know so little history.

Anyway, somewhere in my pedigree are the vulgar folks who created the “dirty word”--I guess, all the dirty words. They weren’t very bright, I guess. It appears they could manage only four letters per word.

So they left for us, their long-range progeny, only the now-forbidden words for certain objects, persons, and actions.

And now, modern linguists and historians cannot use these handy words because the acts and objects they designate have been subjected to Anglo-Saxon puritanism that doesn’t allow use of the four letter words because church usage denies the existence of these words and the acts they designate. Here again, the rarely-mentioned violation: That government agencies are forbidden to use the old Anglo-Saxon words. It is actually against laws in most places in the USA to utter the religion-forbidden words.

So that branch of Christianity...messed up everything that was once natural.

Ethel C. Hale