words by ethel & paul

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TRAX in Salt Lake City is a tragedy. Inflexible, inconvenient, ugly, it ruined our spacious downtown.

True, it does not pollute our city; it pollutes elsewhere. Do we smile at that?

TRAX does not replace private vehicles as buses could have done. You have to drive to TRAX; TRAX has to have a parking lot for cars! Bus routes can be changed as populations shift, or as neighborhoods change culture, but to change TRAX, the road must be dug up.

Somebody wanted TRAX. From out there in the outback to the Temple Gate.

We opposed city rails–early–when Congressman Wayne Owens had it on his desk, its birthplace. Utah State Rep. Sam Taylor, expert on urban transportation, opposed rails. Spence Eccles opposed rails, lost in Court. If you happen to not know, Eccles is one of Salt Lake City’s most powerful names, still right next to ElldeeEss.

Yep. Somebody wanted that ugly monster.

Ethel C. Hale & W. Paul Wharton