ethel’s words

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The fact is, polygamous wives are little more than breeding sows. Imagine one woman having eleven children with part-time marriage. Her breeder may be so busy breeding other wives he cannot be present at the birth of his children.

How many of those children get their daily bath? How soon is an older child turned into a nanny nurse? Who combs the hair of eleven children? Who makes sure the teeth are brushed? It is strange that children are denied access to the usually-stupid activities we call “adult” yet they can be conscripted into slavery.

Most stay-at-home U.S.A. mothers find two is the limit for a well-developed upbringing, though six can be supervised and fed. But the isolated poly children do not see museums, do not see Nutcracker, do not, usually, have swimming, dancing, or tennis lessens. They are not allowed to learn about the greater world outside of their cult.

How soon are the children assigned their roles in the economy of the sub-kingdom? Do not confuse this exploitation of children with the task sharing--an appropriate sharing--of a family, where everyone pitches in and everyone shares in the ice cream and cake. The polygamous child contributes to the often-huge fortune of the male patriarch--the one who gathers the wealth and power, and does not know the names of his children.

Well, if a girl grows up to be a breeder, and a boy (one who evades banishment) will learn the family business, who needs education? Ignorant slaves are the best kind.

Ethel C. Hale