ethel’s words

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First they--THE BIG THEY--went after homosexuals, denying them the right of choice (freedom is having a choice) and the right of self-fulfillment (pursuit of happiness). I wasn’t one.

Next they went after women--denying them use of contraceptives to limit child-bearing. Next they denied women the right to abandon a fetus, to choose “lifestyle”: endless motherhood or limited motherhood with personal enhancement. [It is important to remember that the fetus is a stranger.] Women were even denied the right to abort a fetus to save their own lives--a woman has no “right-to-life”. Time had freed me from those needs.

Then the Big They went after alcohol imbibers--those who use alcoholic fluids as medicine as well as those subject to alcohol-induced loss of cognition. When vehicle-related deaths were associated with alcohol ingestion (50%), alcohol-related offenses were used to prove dangers of alcohol-affected driving; but the cause of the other 50+% of vehicle deaths was not examined to look for anger, legal drugs, or exhaustion. So? I rarely drink alcohol. (And I have never heard of a study of drinking drivers to determine if they are “accident-prone”.)

With a vengeance, They went after marijuana users, NOT because of any behavioral offense on the part of the user, or other infraction, but only because marijuana appeared to bring pleasurable relaxation. Marijuana use was prohibited even as medicine that could alleviate pain and enhance therapy. But I don’t have glaucoma, and the one I know who does would not countenance marijuana-use even to see.

Finally, They went after people who smoke tobacco. When They did that, They were going after me. Even though I had stopped smoking because fire is dangerous in old age, I knew it was MY freedom They were eliminating. This was a prohibition so invasive They had to create a huge bogeyman, equal to “infidels, foreigners, bolsheviks, communists, and terrorists.” Smoking causes cancer, They said, although their evidence dealt only with cancer patients, not smokers.

The U.S.A. government knows what chemicals are added to cigarette tobacco, but they won’t let the tobacco companies tell us. So to justify taking away a freedom They took away another essential of liberty--the right to know what is known.

The only freedom that I can think of that I haven’t lost yet is Freedom of Sp...

Ethel C. Hale