ethel’s words

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Always threatened by some form of government--Bolshevism, Communism, Socialism, Terrorism...

Terrorism is not a form of government, you say. But neither are the other above-named “philosophies”--they are economic systems, not government forms.

So exactly what do the unseen, unheard Terrorists--who cast shadows over our future--plan to do to, with, or at, us?

Are they planning to impose theocracy on us? Do they plan to kill us all, and occupy the land that we occupied without killing every single one of the rightful inhabitants?

How much harm can they do against our defense? Can they actually take over and make slaves of us--make us raise our own food (theirs, too), make our own clothing, manufacture our own electronic toys, build our own deity automobiles? If they take ownership of our oil (I mean the oil on this continent) will they ration it?

And what about the immigrants from Mexico who do nearly all our service work? Will the terrorists kick them out and build an even higher fence?

Will the terrorists kill and maim us one by one--or will they simply let us continue killing ourselves and our children by vehicle death? When they enslave us, will they curtail our activities so severely that our air will become invisible? They could contaminate our water, but they might decide to clean it up for their use, and ration it to us--just enough water to enable us to work--as in the days of Spartacus.

Will they take over our education systems and indoctrinate our children? What would they indoctrinate them “into”? Would they compel our children--and indeed us--to participate in devotionals in a religion we don’t believe in? Other than making slaves of us all, what would they gain?

It is a bad enough threat, of course, that they would take away our freedoms, strip us of our civil liberties, and tax the hell out of us.

Ethel C. Hale