ethel’s words

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Fat is the garbage of the world. It is good for burning, but only for burning. It does not build strong bodies, though it will help a body through a crisis--well, certain kinds of crises.

Fat deposits on dogs are as unattractive as on humans. Only infants look attractive garbed in fat, and even there, there is a limit. Plump is better that obese. A skinny puppy is sad to see, and so is a skinny human infant. Except for infants and young children, fat on a human body signifies unhappiness, indolence, disease, disability or decadence. Or the whole collection--they are companions in the degradation.

The loss of strength and energy in old age invites fat. And probably fat hastens loss of energy and strength. And fat replacing muscle does not replace it in any “fit the mold” way.

Fat can be a friend, but it is more often an enemy.

Ethel C. Hale