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Tobacco growers have been using chemical fertilizers for a long time. One study (oh, who documents studies?) suggested that those chemicals hold radio-activity in the tobacco. One rare report on that, then it disappeared like smoke. Correct or not?

A fairly new practice is the use of pesticides on the growing leaf. Next, tobacco producers no longer age the harvested leaf to develop the desired characteristics. That takes a long time and therefore cuts profit. They fake the mellowing with chemicals.

That is not all. The government (the big one) requires that cigarette manufacturers put a fire retardant in their cigarettes. How did that become public? (But fireworks are okay.)

There is no listing of these chemicals on the cigarette package, nor even a warning that chemicals have been added. One source I read long ago reported that the U.S. government demands information on added content, but prohibits the tobacco merchants from making the list public. True or not?

They (The Big They) never give the smokers health protective rules, such as: Never smoke your cigarette down to a short stub--leave a long butt--it is full of nicotine (and tars) absorbed from transit smoke. Skip the filters: Tobacco is the best filter. Some filters take out nicotine, but not the harmful tars, so you smoke more ciggies to get your fix. Correct?

These rules would protect the health of persons who just cannot quit smoking. But health protection is NOT the goal. Don't be stupid: If your government wanted to protect your health, something would be done about water pollution, thick air, substances such as perchlorate and mercury in the soil, excessive prescription drug use, the many hazards of animal-flesh production, and uncounted other concerns that are secondary to Profit.

It seems to me that somebody out there wants to deprive people of the pleasure of smoking. That somebody does not give a damn about diseased beef, contaminated fish, filthy, sick chickens and out-of-control manures--except for complaints after the damage is done.

Pardon my paranoia, but it doesn't make sense. There must be some Power behind the scene, saying, If you can't control them with lies, if you can't dazzle them with immortality, then get into those gravity-worn chairs and make laws, make laws, make laws.

Ethel C. Hale