ethel’s words

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Execution is being argued again--or still. There will always be the uninformed who will point out the worthlessness of the condemned person as if that has anything to do with “the right to life”--a rather silly concept when you think about it. Right to life? Surely you jest.

Rights are granted by the governments that took all of them away (presuming “rights” come automatically with birth). The need for a prohibition against killing (of one’s own species) comes with the ability to kill. Wolves do not lay waste to each other; itches, especially, being protected through genetic controls. (Yes, I think there is a species-specific (pardon the redundancy) word for the female but my brain is tired.)

The bitch, as is often observed in dogs, will lie on her back to show her vulnerable (and FEMALE) belly if she is threatened. A male does that as “surrender”, an absolute necessity to keep the aggressors from wiping out their own species.

Humans got around all this by replacing “species” with “culture” divisions. It is dandy to kill someone of a different culture.

Look closely: That seems to apply to human “class” division and capital punishment.

Who is the killer? More importantly, who is the killee?

Ethel C. Hale