ethel’s words

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When I was a lot younger and less--much less--sophisticated, the words “Equal Justice Under Law” were memorable and moving to me.


I guess you could guess and I need say no more.

But every time I see “teen to be tried as an adult” I feel the sickness in my heart. I don’t get used to it. I fear now I will die crying out against the unequal justice and the hypocrisy.

That deception is modeled to cover the continuing policies and practices that protect the children of the rich (and near rich) from enforcement of laws that snare the not-yet-wise kids as they venture into unsupervised life. But the children of the poor and, unfailingly, the children of poor ethnic minorities, will be tried as adults: no protection for youth, and severe punishment for poverty.

No one has asked me but I just now realized that in my octogenarian lifetime, there has been so little change in treatment of teenage offenders and there is so little difference in penology, I am sure that if I had achieved my wish to be in penology (or related) I would have battered my head bloody.

Ethel C. Hale