words by ethel & paul

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Although we are seniors, we try to contribute to behaviors that “Save The Planet”. We have been doing so for about thirty-five years--but we still have some failings. We feel unable to join an activist group, but we don’t feel much guilt. Our failure that we recognize, is that we still drive more than we really need to.
With that confession easing guilt, we proceed:

1. We are re-cycling our car ourselves; it is 17 years old, and pretty fuel efficient.

2. We try to shop close to home; this is HARD.

3. We utilize solar energy. Not everyone can do a passive solar retro-fit, but exposed windows help. Let sunshine in.

4. Not everyone can plant trees and/or vines, but trees are a major saver of energy. Evergreen trees on the north, deciduous trees on the south of buildings, protect from wind and from summer sun. (We made some mistakes with trees but we forgive.)

5. If you can, write letters to governments and departments to provide, save, and protect trees. They mother life.

6. Insulate your living quarters as best you can, but don’t make your space absolutely air-tight.

7. We use lots of paper, but we try not to waste our beloved trees; we conscientiously recycle.

8. We consider it Earth-healthy to avoid using electricity that is not needed. For outdoor lighting, on those rare times we need it, we have sensor lights. We do not waste our porch light.

9. We feel blessed and privileged to have a piece of Earth where we can raise food and flowers--for body and soul. We use no poison. We feed birds in winter and they eat bugs in summer. We have praying mantises (mantids); wish for lady-bugs to stay.

10. We compost our tiny kitchen waste as well as garden waste. We shred our plant stuff except large limbs--and Yucca (!). We mulch; use “sweat” hoses in our veggie garden.

11. We have been vegetarians for about thirty-five years. Let us say, right off, we don’t recommend that persons who like fish should give up fish. We liked all seafood, and that is what we gave up last--not for health, but for Earth, the only Planet we will ever know.

Vegetarian eating is good for your health if you study nutrition just a little. Going vegetarian (we do not recommend Veganism though it is great) is one of the two most important things you can do to save Planet Earth. It saves water; avoids pollution of rivers and lakes (recent examples in Utah--horrible pollution from pig farming and chicken production); beef production, surprisingly, is a water-waster as well as a disease-promoter. Any dead animal is a germ factory. Vegetarianism lessens illness and disease. It makes you feel CLEAN, for some reason.

Remember, Vegetarians enjoy the wonderful array of cheeses (not all four hundred kinds); ice cream, omelettes, and nuts, as well as tofu and other not-common foods. Vegetarianism usually leads us to new, exciting fruits and vegetables, and new (or old folk) recipes for grains and legumes.

We can’t remember what the other most important of two things is.

Ethel and Paul