ethel’s words

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I am experienced enough to know that when a person is not totally involved (politically) they think there is nothing happening. The same experience tells me that what SHOULD be happening today is so big nobody could miss it.

The war. The horrors of mutilated children. The mourners--weeping for children for brothers for country.

Destruction of beautiful architecture.

It is not hilarious. It is not funny. It is not amusing. What manner of societal animal lives in Yankee America? How can we go on laughing at this piercing horror, and joking about a pitiful or pitiable man thrust into a presidency with no knowledge and no competence. Even THAT is not really funny. His response to his personal pain is to lash out, to bluster, to kill, and we let him retain power to do it massively.

End this massacre. End this waste. End this war. Quit laughing. Quit joking. We should be screaming in the street to save the children.

We start by recognizing imperatives, what can be, what must be, done. How can the scattered protests be joined to become one worldwide cry?

Ethel C. Hale