ethel’s words

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If you want to slash the jugular of a Pub, remove from it everything that seems comfortable, friendly, companionable, consoling, or escapist.

Do persons go to Pubs because their homes do not allow drinking alcoholic stuff, smoking, or intelligent adult conversation?

Yes, they do.

Do persons go to Pubs because they enjoy community, a confirmation of humanity, a liking for discussion? Yes.

Do persons go to Pubs because their “homes” are not home for them in some ways? That’s right.

Do persons go to Pubs because they seek smoking companionship-something only smokers understand? Yes.

Do Pubs flourish because they provide a place outside of which, in the open air–languid summer or stormy winter--smokers can smoke? Only a politician can answer that one.

I haven’t smoked for fifteen years, after smoking for 55. (Am I old? Yeah, 87.) I think cigarette tobacco has been degraded--but not eliminated--by The Profit System. To maximize Profit, traditional slow mellowing was replaced by chemical treatment, and chemical fertilizers altered the nature of the plant. Additionally, the fraudulent claims of the enemies of sin-on-earth--the religious nuts--had the power of the media. A guy named Banzhaf remains a mystery. There seem to be many “mysteries” in the assault on tobacco. The biggest one is, who is behind this powerful drive to kill tobacco use? I see no similar movement to eliminate automobile exhaust. You simply have to put up with that while you smoke your ciggie outside the Pub door.

Ethel C. Hale