ethel’s words

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So you executed Saddam Hussein--you with your faces hidden under black: you hanged him by the neck until--until he no longer could have a chance to defend himself against the multitude of random charges for which there seems to be no evidence. (Else why this paltry charge?)

Those charges came from Yankee America; there are reasons to suspect that the decision to kill came from Yankee America.

Are we supposed to think that now the children will stop bleeding, the little boys no longer wail for their lost fathers, the empty-hearted grieving widow now made whole? We are led to think that it is simple revenge; nay, worse: it is destruction of justice. It is thereby destruction of honor--and some believe that the honor thus ravished is the “sacred honor” that should be familiar to every Yankee American.

The people of the world, the peoples of the world, may see the horror of the thirst for blood, but actions, if considered, are limited. They no doubt know that the Bush administration, holders of the scepter, are planning to build a Holy Big Bomb--with a message to be heard around the world. So our patriotic scientists are willing to blast the tortured Earth again, just as the executioners are willing to kill for political defense. Always willing to kill, we humans.

Who dares, even for the sake of every living creature, to challenge the power of genetic predisposition in the hands of the Yankee American Empire? We have The Abominable Bomb, and we have already proved our willingness to use it for political intimidation.

Ethel C. Hale