ethel’s words

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There seem to be contradictions in the significance of elevated seating, or “space”, in different cultures.

Kings, Queens, and judges are elevated partly to show superiority and partly to intimidate.

I believe the elevation of Jewish women is to show their superiority--after all, Jews still are a matrilineal culture. (Some Jews I know disagree.) I am not a Jew, but I think I may, therefore, be a more objective observer.

My remembering apparatus is tattered, but I think I recall that Iroquois women, who directed the men that governed, had elevated seating in the (Long House?)

Then we come to balconies, often derided as being the inferior and cheaper, seating. But the loges and some other elevations are expensive, prestigious seating.

How do we resolve this contradictory puzzle? Well, we don’t try to analyze it. What the hell--our culture is full of contradictions and that may be less boring and frightful than the near-order of full-fledged Fascism.

Ethel C. Hale